Under the newly formed Corporation of Cochin comes the most important city of Kerala, even though the Capital of the state happens to be set in Trivandrum. It has got a population of 3.5 lakhs and an area of 83.524 sq.kms. The Corporation is formed combining the former municipalities of Ernakulam, Mattancherry and Fort Cochin, and certain other areas, and it lacks a centralized place, where the Corporation Council and the offices could be housed. It is to fulfill this spatial and symbolic need that the building which forms thee subject of this thesis project that is, a Corporation building for the city of Cochin is proposed.

Front Elevation
Front Elevation: The Coroporation building is the administrative headquarters of the city. It is a meeting place of the citizens, their elected representatives and the administrative machinery. Thus we arrive at the requirements as those for citizens, councilors and officials. Public participation in the function of this building is in two ways, namely as spectators of the legislative activity and taxpayers to, and beneficiaries of the Corporation. Councillors headed by the Mayor are engaged in the legislative activities of the Corporation Council and serve in the various committees of the corporation. The officials are the actual implementers of the legislation. The amenities for these three categories of people are to be provided for, in this building. © Prof. Oommen Thomas Archive

(excerpt) Design Concept: "... The spirit of the design was evolved considering the loftiest ideals and aspirations of the city, which is its people. It is conceived as a symbol of the democratic set up of the city so as to fulfill the needs of the city corporation spatially, structurally, aesthetically and spiritually. The effort has been to evolve a simple and elegant solution in a beautiful setting, so as to enhance the sense of unity and combined ownership of the people. Thus the building becomes the manifestation of the democratic equilibrium between the people headed by their elected representatives and the administrative machinery operated by the officials ..."

Council Hall - a View towards the Mayor's Desk
Council Hall - a View towards the Mayor's Desk: The council hall is the most important part of the building architecturally. It is a completely air conditioned chamber. Accomodation for 78 councillors is provided which can be increased up to about 90( present strength of the corporation council is only 45). As the population growth of the Cochin area shows, it may go upto about 10 lakhs in about 20 years or so and the council strength very well may double up. It may be used for some other conferences or meetings also because of the provision of additional seating. This visitors gallery is in continuation with the councilors seats so that even a fairly large meeting can be held in the Council hall. © Prof. Oommen Thomas Archive